Vankocraft lures are custom, handmade lures

Vankocraft lures, originally designed for light spinning, may be used for trout, chub, perch, asp etc. Unlike the mainstream serial models, which remains unchanged for years, the handmade lures are continuously improved. Тhis ensures the quality and the improvement of the design and guarantees that the suspicious predators who usually stop paying attention to the widely used lures, will be surprised.

Producing a handmade lure is a complex, time-consuming process

Vankocraft lures are made from high quality materials such as balsa, abachi, duraform etc. Those materials are protected by multiple impregnation and varnishing with different resins and varnishes. Unlike most of the mainstreem lures, the handmade ones are using full wires guaranteeing the integrity of the bait in catching a trophy fish. The lips of Vankocraft lures are made of glass fiber, due to which the probability of breakage is minimized.

The colour of our lures is important not only for the fishes but for the anglers as well

Those who love light spinning chose functional and beautiful bites. Due to this fact, in the making of the Vanko craft lures, we are paying an extreme attention to the decoration and the details. In order to do this in the most professional way, we are using high quality acrylic paints, foils, pearl, etc. The protection of the colours is guaranteed by 7-layer final coating, thanks to which, Vankocraft lures never hull.